01 Blockchain  Secure

Interlect provides revolutionary devices that are secured through fingerprint, facial, iris, and/or personal pass-code recognition parameters. Blockchain allows all information and data on your device to be secure from third party infiltration. Interlect respects the privacy of it's users, unlike current technology competitors. User's location, calls, messages, and finances are all blockchained within our devices from local governance and/or corporate profiteering.


02 ONE Operating System

Interlect's devices operate on 1 system as opposed to multiple service providers. Interlect incorporates a telecommunication service, social media, business and artificial intelligence, Blu Bar, and Magneto that operate exclusively on Interlect's devices. Interlect will beat competitors through innovation, marketing, and affordable pricing. Erudite will be personable within our operating system that will create a user-friendly experience. Interlect's operating system runs on Intelligence aka ICO.


03 InterCell

Welcome to the future of cellular devices. InterCell incorporates holograms and virtual reality within our cellular device. Being that Interlect provides its own blockchain telecommunication provider, all messages and calls will be protected from wire-tapping and/or infiltration from any outside party. InterCell will be affordable to everyone as well as Eco-friendly. NO MORE CRACKED SCREENS.

device 2.png

04 InterU

InterU is the future of personal computing. Incorporating virtual reality, holograms, and Artificial Intelligence that allows a revolution for the user to become more engaged within his or her creations. Blockchain allows your personal documents, creations, and intellectual property to be secure from all third party infiltration.


05 Memo

Memo is the future of tablet computing. Interlect's tablet will have a more advanced operating system than current technological competitors. Combining A.I. and holograms will create a more user-friendly experience for the users. Memo will be a device that will create a more intellectual realm for the UTOPIA that is personable and customized to every humans needs. Memo will be the tablet of the future.


06 Eco-Friendly

All of Interlect's devices will strive to reach 100% biodegradable. Current technology is polluting our world through global E-waste trading. By reducing electronic parts and replacing them with biodegradable material within our devices will reduce massive pollution that currently exists within our ecosystem. Interlect believes that technology should help society and the environment, instead of destroying it.