"...having or showing great knowledge or learning."


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Block Chain Artificial Intelligence

Erudite is the first block chained Artificial Intelligent platform that secures a form of safe, friendly, and beneficial robotics system to better mankind. Erudite will perform tasks that will not harm the human race, ecosystem, and/or economies. Mankind will now feel at ease with robotics within the household, business, and every-day life due to blockchain abiding by federal and local law within Erudite's system.

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Revolutionized Cognitive A.I Super Cell

Interlect strives to achieve a new form of Artificial Intelligence that creates a more cognitive ecosystem, rather than our current modulated A.I. systems. Multiple layers within our A.I. platform allows Erudite to be the most advanced form of A.I. in current development. Refer to White Sheet to better understand Erudite's infrastructural platform. Regulated A.I. must be upheld by policy of the UTOPIA and governance.

Erudite = Artificial Intelligent Super Cell = Future

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Erudite will balance our economy, financials, ecosystems, and environments. Erudite is able to perform business intelligence, measure an individuals I.Q., sculpt a personalized companionship with its user, and engage within society, while transforming our current Dystopia into a Utopia for the better of mankind. Erudite is powered through IWT, Interlect, New Institutions, and Devices secured by the power of blockchain. Erudite's abilities will evolve and progress throughout the future.

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Erudite will enhance our environment for the better of mankind through a "helping hand" and "companionship". From solving world problems, such as world hunger to environmental Eco-friendly protectiveness, Erudite will make the Utopia a cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable world to live in. The future of mankind needs help due to our current leaders not looking out for the best interest for the future of the human race. Erudite cares about humans and the environment in which humans walk in.